Alpha Female

Ive always been described as strong-willed, opinionated, motivated and ambitious. These are admirable qualities; this is a person that gets shit done. But as soon as these personality traits come with a pair of boobs, its like people don’t exactly know what to think about you or think about themselves.

I look at every area of my life as ‘if I want something, I’ll find a way to get it’. If it’s material, I’ll wok harder to be able to buy it. If it’s emotional/professional, I’ll read books to learn/overcome it. These things are pretty standard and very justifiable and attainable for women today. Society is more supportive of bad a** b*tches in the corporate jungle, but they aren’t totally familiar with them in every aspect of life. This is where some people are perplexed by the attitude of an Alpha Female. Everyone preaches opportunity and equality for women, however pressures are still in place that condemn women to see rules where there are no rules: relationships.

When it comes to relationships, you bet I’ll ask him out if I’m interested. To me, one second of possible rejection is a lot less scary than waiting and wondering if I am sending him the right signals – and HOPING he has the balls to make a move. If you want it, GET IT. Some of my friends say I want to be like you when I grow up (even though we’re the same age) basically meaning – I wish I had the guts to do that. It kind of makes me cringe with disappointment for a millasecond when I hear one of my friends say this to me. Instead, they play the usual game of wear my cutest outfit when he’s in the office, wait in misery if he doesn’t text me first, and ignore him for the first half of our night out and then start flirting when I notice him looking at me. That sounds EXHAUSTING to me.

How are these the ‘rules’ that women feel they should follow if all they really want is to be with this guy? These acts leave so much up to interpretation and assumption and timing and emotional turmoil. And still, things might not work out the way you are hoping them to. But you know how you CAN have them work out the way you want them to .. ASK HIM OUT. Own what you want. Pursue what you desire. Get what you deserve.

Girls, be more Alpha about your life. We’ve all seen a movie where a woman is a boss b*tch and is looking at brochures of artificial insemination because she was so busy being a boss she never had time to find a guy. Some of us have thought, I hope that never happens to me. If you don’t want it to, ask him out.

If you want something, find a way to get it.

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