The Basic Things I Love About Fall 🍂

So today I had a Pumpkin Spice Latte #basic. The first PSL of the season. Since I drank the basic potion I’m feeling in a mood to share all of the basic girl things I love about fall! K I’m going to stop saying basic so much .. it sounds weird.


  1. Plaid. In the fall time plaid goes from a fashion piece you associate with daisy dukes & cowboy music to an oversized top you put on with most likely leggings & some sort of sneaker or high boot. Plaid changes its game in fall & goes from tied at the waist in the bar to casual & cozy on the street (just like how 400 other girls are wearing this with white converse) #basic
  2. Open toe booties. Fall is a magical time that shares a few weeks with us girls where it is cool enough to wear a bootie but warm enough to have an open toe. Thank god that August pedicure can still shine while I slay my way to fashion headquarters #basic
  3. Scarves. Basically my Pokemon of fall fashion pieces, I gotta catch em all. & trust me I’ve got ’em all, infinity, flannel, oversized, with tassels & multiple patterns. That chunky knit sweater with leggings, knee high boots & an oversized tartan scarf look; yeah you’ll find me wearing that all fall long with a smile on my face realizing how Pinterest ‘Fall Fashion’ basic I am #basic
  4. Sweater dresses. Finally! Finally its cool enough to switch your dresses into sweater form & still feel so stylish while doing anything but with a comfy, hipster chic twist. You will spot me in my fleekin sweater dress most likely with my open toe booties & flannel scarf .. #basic.
  5. Jean jacket. If anyone has seen me do anything in weather below 20 degrees, they’ve probably seen me do it in my jean jacket. This thing is my favourite item to wear if I find any breeze too cold. Im talking pants, dress & skirts .. & my night on the town outfits are made even more basic because I am wearing a jean jacket over a Mendocino dress #basic
  6. Burgundy. If Fall had a flag, it would be Burgundy, with a PSL crest in the middle. Burgundy is the anthem to my fall make up colour scheme & Sephora splurges. Burgundy everything makes fall so much better #basic


  1. Pumpkin Spice Lattes … obviously.
  2. Spaghetti squash & Butternut squash. You know the weird looking long ass vegetable things people use as decoration in a wicker basket during Fall. Some of those can be eaten too! Hello people. If you have not had either of these, you are not Fall-ing hard enough. Falling in love with Fall, that is 😉 Omg I’m so lame. But for real, I have not had a Thanksgiving meal in my lifetime that did not consist of both butternut squash soup & spaghetti squash along side my turkey. I love this shit in Fall #basic
  3. Teas & Hot Chocolate. It’s finally getting cool enough that I crave hot drinks all the time. 95% of the tea I consume in a year is during the Fall & something about a cold Autumn night makes me crave hot chocolate & cozy socks, those two things just go. Goodbye grande caramel machiatto – no whip, hello grande chai tea latte with almond milk #basic
  4. Chili. Unless you’re cray cray like me & request a pot of mom’s homemade chili in the middle of July (true story), then you probably feel more inclined for this comfort food during Fall. But even though I crave the goodness all year round, I love it most in fall. This is probably my least basic love yet, but I make it basic because I have to snapchat that I’m eating chili in Fall to my story #basic

Everything Else:

  1. The strange calm you feel listening to the wind blow between the stiff Fall leaves that have changed into the prettiest colours. #prettybasicbecauseduhthatsthefirstsignoffall
  2. Fires at night. These were always fun in the summer, but now it is just a tad colder at night so everyone gets a little closer. You share a blanket with your best friend in the backyard (which is most likely your oversized tartan scarf) & start to be reminded that we live in Canada & secretly love the outdoors & actually cant wait to see snow #basicEH
  3. Picturesque AF. Dude, you’re telling me you don’t wear your cutest ensemble & burgundy lipstick to go to the pumpkin patch to take cute laughing photos? Clearly you’ve never done fall like I have #basic
  4. Decorating pumpkins. I’m not much of a cutter since I can work a marker better than I can work a knife (lets be thankful for that). So I like to draw on the best pumpkin I picked at the patch with a scary face I found on google. Then I pull a lazy college girl move & leave it faceless on my front porch until the evening of Halloween & feel bummed the next morning that I spent $11.99 on a pumpkin that got 4 hours of glory #basic

Those are a few of my favourite things .. about being basic during Fall 🙂

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